This morning started out just like any other morning. I woke up, read my daily devotional, made a cup of coffee, and got my sweet dog ready for her morning stroll. I walked outside and immediately felt the cool 56 degree air hit my skin and took in the stillness and beauty at this early morning hour. Immediately, something caught my attention, and as I looked closer I saw a giant moth latched onto the side of my tire. It was enormous, yet spectacular with its lime-green color, white body, and antennas that looked like little brown leaves. I was intrigued with this creature that I had never before seen and when I walked back inside I grabbed my phone and entered Googles vast land of information on a quest to find out what was this magnificent moth.

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I learned that it was a Luna Moth, and that although they are not rare, it is rare to see one in person. The Luna Moth is a giant silk moth and only lives for 7-10 days. They also fly nocturnal, so to see one during daylight hours is almost impossible. Giant silk moths have no digestive system and only vestigial mouth parts, which means they don’t eat in their adult form. Instead, they rely on the energy they stored as caterpillars.

Upon learning about the Luna Moth, I was curious by its symbolism. In most cultures, it is associated with rebirth, transformation, change, resurrection, and the power of regeneration. I was also glad to learn that it is believed that people who spot one during the day are considered lucky, as it can be an indicator of good luck!

I took a moment to think about what I had just learned and immediately what came to mind was the rebirth that ensues when someone enters into recovery. When people recover from addiction, it’s like pressing a reset button. It is a process that involves recognizing that they have gone through a dark chapter in their lives and rebuilding all that has been damaged from scratch. It is like being reborn with a second chance to start over. This gift of starting over, is priceless.

Recovery is a process and sobriety is a lifelong journey. Those of us living this journey understand that sobriety is much more than just not using any mood or mind-altering substances; it is a whole-person change. We don’t return to the person we once were before addiction gripped its claws into us. We are transformed into a new person, and this type of transformation is truly miraculous. Not only am I someone who has undergone this rebirth and still under construction, but I get to witness it firsthand at GraceWay. I see women come into our program at their very lowest and undergo a process that involves facing the darkest parts of this illness, and then, out of nowhere, they get a glimmer back in their eyes. The bounce comes back to their step and their faces light up with a smile they haven’t worn in years. These women are survivors of a war only few have to fight. The battle scars, although hidden from society, are carried with them for life. It’s these scars that remind them of who they once were and who they never want to be again. And it’s the rebirth-just as the Luna Moth was reborn from a caterpillar into a thing of beauty- where all of us in recovery gain this immense gratitude for getting to live the life that we have been graced with today.

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