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With over 51 years of combined sobriety, our team at GraceWay Recovery Residence understand what it feels like to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. We understand the pain, shame, and isolation that stem from drug and alcohol addiction. We were once there in that darkness, too. However, we also understand that there is hope for anyone who is willing and that a meaningful and fulfilling life is just ahead, waiting to be embraced. Let our admissions counselor guide you through our simple admission screening process. Remember, she’s been where you’re at and will meet you with compassion and understanding.

Words From Our Alumni

“I can’t say enough good things about GraceWay and the staff. This place and its people have saved the life of someone I love! Her life has been transformed!”

Teresa H.

“When I first got to GraceWay everything looked amazing everyone was nice and made themselves available for anything I needed. They were able to tailor a program and a plan of recovery that is working for me. At first it was not easy but I see why they have the rules in place that they do. If you are serious about recovery and want a place that has you in mind throughout your journey. You have found your place. I did the 90 day program and really committed. GraceWay saved my life. The staff is always available and if you want sobriety you will get that if you truly want it.”

Chere S.

“I was a resident at GraceWay for 5 1/2 months until January 2019. I have been to several rehabs over the last 12 years – some short term, some long term – and nowhere I have been or heard of compares to the intensive, hands on, 12 step recovery that GraceWay teaches and shows residents to LIVE on a daily basis. While it was not a joy ride and there were many very difficult days, I believe with my whole heart that GraceWay has forever changed me for the better, providing me with the tools I need to stay sober one day at a time, empowered me to be the person I was meant to be, led me to an unbreakable bond with my high power and allowed me to let my inner light shine…one that was completely snuffed out by addiction. Since returning home, I have taken the suggestions GraceWay provided by going to meetings daily for the first 90 days (or longer), gotten a sponsor and call her regularly, immersed myself in the AA program/put myself out there/made sober friends, kept my expectations in check, set realistic goals for myself…And, I just landed the the best job I have ever had!!! That would not have been possible without my sobriety and personal growth, both which I attribute largely to GraceWay.

No one wants to go to rehab but if you need to go, are willing to be honest and put in the work, GraceWay is the place for you.”

Kenley M.

“I was a resident at GraceWay almost 13 years ago. They showed and taught me a new way to live. My life was in scrambles. I was hopeless, insecure, frightened, fearful and broken. The staff at GraceWay accepted me just the way I was. They loved on me, encouraged me, pushed me, confronted me, treated me like family until I started valuing myself. I will be forever grateful for GraceWay, the staff and the residents that was there. That’s where I stop existing and started living. I will be forever grateful.

Thanks to Debbie Mazur, Peggy Bryant, Oletha Coward, Alison, Ashley, Mrs. Barber, Lauren, Sally Hughes. There were many others, no harm intended if I didn’t list you. I love each one of you ladies and truly blessed to have met all of you guys. My clean date is still the same 2/20/2006.”

Shalanda W.

“In April 2015, I was completely lost, abusing alcohol and drugs, overwhelmingly hopeless and consumed with fear. I felt like I couldn’t go on anymore. I got in so much pain that truly hurt that a life Alteration became imperative. I unknowingly surrendered. I was completely broken! But that pain forced me into submission and I finally asked for help. A woman, a counselor, a change agent, that I had never seen or talked to picked me up from a bus station in Albany, GA and took me to GraceWay. It was there that I surrendered and resurrender and resurrender again and again by being willing to take off the masks that were comfortable for me even in my pain. It was a real process that allowed me an opportunity for self-discovery. I didn’t know that I didn’t truly know who I was. I didn’t know that I was in a constant tug-o-war with life and death. I didn’t know how to live! But God! It was there that the emptiness I felt all of those years was finally identified as a God-sized hole that could only be filled by Him! GraceWay was a divine appointment on my journey towards freedom from the bondage in myself. I haven’t felt the need to put any mood altering substances in my body, mind or spirit since April 22, 2015! I’m a grateful woman living in recovery!“

Marlisa B.

“GraceWay helped my find myself and breakdown the old though patterns/stories I’d told myself for years. I reached the point of no return, so I’d thought. Today I know that is where my beginning started!! The women at GraceWay taught me to hold my head high, the introduced me to what self worth really was, and the true meaning of Integrity. I’m coming up on my fourth year of continuous sobriety and I feel as if every day I’m living a dream! I now get to carry the message of hope to others in the community, they unlocked my potential which forged my passion for life!

Recovery is real, it is obtainable, and it is beautiful! Thank you!”

Kathryn N.

“GraceWay is unlike any other treatment facility in the state. I truly believe this place saved my life. At GraceWay I received one on one personal care/treatment for my addiction and past childhood and adult trauma. I learned about my addiction and the way it feeds on my body,mind and soul. I was encouraged daily by my peers and staff to work the program, to turn my problems and worries over to God and to fight like hell for my recovery. I always had the staff fighting alongside with me, not once was I ever lost or felt alone at GraceWay. Upon arrival I was damaged, broken, defeated and lost. when I left and still today… almost 7 months later I feel worthy of life and the good things life has to offer, I have purpose, I love myself and I accept myself for exactly who I am…flaws and all. If someone you know or love is seeking treatment for addiction, I hands down recommend GraceWay Recovery Residences, they WILL love you until you learn to love yourself.”

Jennifer C.

“I could never put into words the amount of appreciation, or respect I have for GraceWay. They have truly changed my sisters life and our family will forever be grateful.”

Ashley C.

“Although I wasn’t looking to get recovery, I found it at GraceWay. My life was a mess, I didn’t care about anyone but myself and my next fix. I came in to GraceWay very angry and unresponsive to the rules, suggestions and advice that was given to me. It took a little bit but I got tired of fighting everything that was being thrown at me. I gave up on holding on to what I had before, I started to work on following rules and working through what was going on in my head. This was when the foundation to my life began. It was a lot of work, and took a lot of time. I am know in a college I never thought I’d be in and achieving goals I never thought I had. I am beyond grateful for what GraceWay did for me, believing in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. This place gave me, well me. I am finally growing into a woman I am proud of. And it all started with GraceWay.”

Katie S.

“I was born an addict; living among a family whom battle with addiction as well. It was a prison I felt I could never escape. I was 24, my addiction was at it’s worst and I had no hope for my future. I hit rock bottom and finally reached out for help. My grandmother; a spiritual person prayed, for a place that could restore the light back into my life. GraceWay was the answer. GraceWay has changed my life in so many ways. I can wake up every morning without feeling like I am suffocating. On the coldest darkest days the light in me shines brighter more then ever now. GraceWay taught me how to express my feelings and not be a doormat for others. I learned how to function everyday without needing medicines from a doctor or self medicating. I learned how to set boundaries for myself and for others. I learned how to be honest and forgiving; not holding on to resentments and letting go of the past. I always hid behind my work. A girl in the corner; cowarding in fear. I lost a true sense of self but GraceWay gave me the skills to soar. I no longer hide behind my job or addiction. I can now say my future is bright and God does listen. I am no longer angry. I was blessed by GraceWay and I wouldn’t change any action that led me to GraceWay. I now am training for a job I thought I would never be able to do. I got my family back, something I thought was lost; only to find it was my addiction. The women of GraceWay are truly saviors sent by God to save souls like mine. I will forever be grateful.”

Danielle L.

“GraceWay is a wonderful place for your daughter, wife, mother or sister to receive help and counseling to break their addiction. Our family can personally attest that the program works! After years and years of addiction, the cycle has been broken and we have our daughter back! We are so blessed to be a part of the GraceWay family!”

Debbie J.

“I battled addiction for over 20 years. I went to a number of treatment centers searching for a way out of the hell I was living nothing seemed to help. Once again I was in the throes of active addiction I went to a detox program for 14 days from there I admitted myself into a 30 day program. I was coming to my release day and I knew if I went home not having learned the essential tools needed to live a life in sobriety I would die. I reached out to several programs and I found GraceWay. Today I know without a doubt God had placed this opportunity before me. When I entered GraceWay I had been completely stripped of any sense of self respect or dignity from the life I had been living in addiction, but as soon as I walked through those doors I felt peace, love and understanding I had never felt before. The program at GraceWay not only taught me the 12 steps, but also gave me a strong spiritual foundation to which I still live today. I learned life skills needed to function within society. I gained employment and began saving money so that I could begin to reestablish myself. My relationships with my family were restored. These are the 9th step promises and they continue to come true for me. I know without the program GraceWay facilitates I wouldn’t have found my relationship with my higher power or the skills I needed to continue in sobriety. I will forever be grateful for what I’ve learned at GraceWay. God bless this program and all the women it reaches.”

Jocelyn W.

“Feb 7th, 2011 is when GraceWay took me in. My mom had been praying for a “divine intervention”. God surely answered my prayer when he sent me there.
Thank you Debbi for praying over me. Thank you Mr. Jim for not taking any of my manipulating ways, for telling me like it was and. for taking me through the 12 steps. (Meetings, sponsorship, steps and service are my way of life.) And thank you to the other women that were there when I got there. I wasn’t easy to be around. Today WE celebrate 9 years! Keep on keeping on and don’t grow weary in doing good. I am a life that was changed!”

Charissa W.

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