The Way Sober Living Apartments

The Bridge Between Intensive Recovery Support & Independent Living

Phase 2

The Way Sober Living Apartments is committed to providing you with a safe and structured living environment, while also incorporating recovery support services to encourage long-term sobriety. Once you complete Phase I, our aftercare coordinator will work with you on transitioning smoothly into Phase II, our Employment Phase. In this phase you will transition from the main house into one of our fully furnished apartments located on the same property as GraceWay. You will continue to be provided the upmost support and accountability, while working to balance employment and your sobriety in a recovery community. This phase works as the bridge between intensive recovery support and fully independent living.

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Please call our 24-hour admissions helpline anytime, or complete the confidential form to have one of our admission counselors contact you. If you prefer to text, please text us at the number below.  Someone is available to help 24/7.

(229) 446-7800 (Admissions Line)
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412 West Tift Avenue
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Albany, GA  31701

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