I know that you probably feel pretty lost right now. You see, I am an addict, too, so I get it. I spent the last 16 or so years of my life drinking and doing any drugs I could find.

Letter To The Suffering Addict: Sincerely, Today I Choose To Live

Dear Lost,

I know that you probably feel pretty lost right now.  You see, I am an addict, too, so I get it.  I spent the last 16 or so years of my life drinking and doing any drugs I could find.  I moved from place to place hoping things would be different; that I wouldn’t be so miserable.  I left my morals behind, walked out on jobs, used my family and others, stole, lied, cheated, and was even homeless at times just to chase another high.  I wrecked cars, attempted suicide, watched friends die from overdoses, and I hurt the people I loved.  I was actually in the same room when the guy I loved and fully intended to spend the rest of my life with passed away as a direct result of his drug use.

I needed to use more and more just to escape the feelings of shame and guilt that I felt.

Not long after I ended up in the hospital dying from heart failure from heroin use.  But that still didn’t stop me from using.  I really believed that I was meant to be trapped in an endless cycle of brief highs, remorse, deep despair, and struggle to survive.  I had lost all hope for anything better and gave up on life completely.

However, I was wrong.  There truly is hope.

I found a place where people—other addicts like us—understand and do their very best to help.  No matter what you have done!

I will not lie to you—it has not been easy working through my past and learning to live sober.  Some days I struggle.  It is completely worth it though because today I actually want to get up in the mornings.  Not because I need to go get drugs, but because I have hope for the day and can see it for all its possibilities.  I have friends who love me and are there for me.  I have even been helpful to them and others at times!  I have a job I truly enjoy and my own apartment.  My family is happy to see me and is proud of me!  I have found faith in God and forgiveness for my past in my time here.  I feel empowered and really believe that I can have the happy life I once only dreamed of.  If being sober and having faith in God can do this for me, then the same is possible for you.  No matter how dark it seems right now, no matter what you have done there is always hope!  You do not have to live a second rate life because of the mistakes of your past or present.

I promise you miracles do happen—if you let them.

So give yourself a chance and choose to get sober today—you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Today I Choose To Live

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