We recently took a group of women to Radium Springs, a place long considered to be a place of healing, to read their amends letters that they wrote to themselves.

Self-forgiveness is imperative to the recovery journey.

The ladies tea-dyed paper and envelopes and took time in a quiet spot, listening to soothing music, to write their letter(s).

All of these actions are intended to induce self-love, and these small self-esteem enabling acts help to build self-worth.

At GraceWay, we want women to feel empowered, to see what they are truly capable of, and to love themselves again.

When this happens, the desire to go back to a life spent in the misery of addiction becomes less attractive.

If you or someone you love could use GraceWay’s help in recovery from addiction, please don’t hesitate to call us anytime. Someone is available 24/7 at (229) 446-7800.


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