Letter To The Suffering Addict: Sincerely, Hope

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Letter to the Suffering Addict,

I am writing this letter to you because I want you to know that you can live a better life, and also to give to you the hope that I have found. I once, like you, felt like there was nothing more for me than what I was living. I felt lonely, alone, and hopeless. I tried to run away from my thoughts, my feelings, and my life. I always woke up to find nothing has changed or either things had gotten worse. So I drank. Over and over again. I lost myself. I surrounded myself in my own self-pity. People I thought were my friends only loved me for what I would do for them.

My family loved me and tried to help me, only to be met by my stubbornness. I ignored them and wasn’t honest about my addiction or alcoholism. All I wanted to do was drink, sleep, and do it all over again. I became weary and tired of doing this day after day. I finally gave up trying to control it all—after all I really didn’t have any control anymore.

I called GraceWay just a couple of weeks before Christmas. I thought that I would not be able to come here and that we couldn’t afford it. I realize now that at that moment I still had this insane thought that I could do this on my own.

So I started another binge the following day. GraceWay came back into my mind after waking up on the couch and realizing that I had just slept through 2 or 3 days (I really don’t even know). I knew that I had to do something before that moment of despair left me. I called my aunt to come get me and I went to detox, where I spent the next 10 days. I came directly to GraceWay after I was released to get the real recovery help that I needed to get sober.

After starting working the 12 Steps, I came to understand that there wasn’t anything, except my Higher Power that can give me the strength I need. I surrendered to this Higher Power, and continue to do so daily. My life has begun to turn around. I am not full of despair and loneliness anymore. Working steps 1, 2, and 3 have given me the peace and direction that I have always searched for.

There’s hope for you. Just like there was, and still is hope for me.



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