Drug, Alcohol, and Eating Disorder Intervention Services

Helping You Motivate Your Loved One to Get the Help they Need

Is your loved one stuck in the endless cycle of addiction? Our professional interventionist can help. We know that you are tired, overwhelmed, full of anxiety, and have done everything you can to help your addicted loved one… just to end up feeling defeated time and time again.

Our interventionist has years of experience and can deliver evidence-based solutions that will help motivate your loved one to seek treatment, and ease your fears. 

Ready to Break Free? We can help NOW.

Services Offered

We know that when families call us they are in crisis. We specialize in working complex cases that involve treatment resistant men and women, as well as individuals who leave treatment AMA (against medical advice). We will provide you with the tools needed to keep your, and your loved one safe, while also getting a plan together to motivate your loved one to enter treatment and embrace the change required to live a sober, happy, and productive life.

The Process

The process is simple, starting with you filing out the confidential form on this page or placing a call directly to our interventionist by pressing the button below. From that initial call or video chat, our interventionist will assess your current situation and plan of action will be set in motion. You will receive a contract with details surrounding the scope of practice, intervention method, and all of the details surrounding what can be expected moving forward.

You’ve waited a long time for some hope and relief and that long wait can finally be over. Call our interventionist today and get the help your loved one and family deserves. An intervention can be a nerve racking experience in itself for the entire Support Network, but more so, it is a gift. It is the most loving act you can do for your loved one who sick and suffering with this disease. You should not feel any shame in asking for help, and our interventionist is ready to provide that help. This disease is not one that can be managed or contained by you alone, it can only be treated by a team of professionals.

Call Immediately

Before the Intervention

Thorough preparation is key to a successful intervention, and your interventionist will provide the tools needed to assist in breaking through your loved ones denial and motivating them to enter treatment and follow the recommendations of the treatment team.

While lingering anxiety can never be completely extinguished, your interventionist will thoroughly prepare you and the Support Network for the intervention. She will help you:

  • Choose the appropriate Support Network: How many people should be included in the Support Network and how to decide which friends and family members would be positive contributors? She will help you build a Support Network with impact and rank.
  • Get educated on the disease of addiction: Addiction leaves a wake of destruction in its path, leaving bystanders feeling helpless, overwhelmed, confused, and angry. Recovery requires treatment, and addiction recovery does not consist of willpower. The more your family is educated on this illness, the better prepared you all will be for the intervention.
  • Coordinate the order of events: This process looks daunting on paper, but rest assured knowing that with proper guidance will lead to an effective intervention. Even if your loved one doesn’t say yes immediately, your interventionist will assist in providing the tools you need to motivate your loved one to get the help they need. She will continue to be a resource and is trained in how to navigate this properly.
  • Maneuver through your loved ones reactions: Addiction is an illness clouded in denial, and your loved one has mastered the art of excuse making. They may throw out numerous excuses why they can’t go to treatment. Your interventionist has heard all of them before. She will let you know what to expect and how to prepare for your loved one’s masquerade.
  • With resources: She can provide a list of the best treatment facilities for your loved one to enter and assist in making the first call to the facility for you.

Check out some of our latest blogs surrounding interventions. If you are in need of an interventionist, please call 229-344-7402 today. You don’t have to do this alone. We are ready to help.